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December 17, 2009

My Settings does not update or is out of date

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I have occasionally had cases where a user’s data is out of date when they click on My Settings.

If you get this problem, the first thing you need to check that the Profile Import is crawling the user’s account correctly.  Look at the Shared Services Provider (SSP) in Central Admin (you might have more than one) and either check the profile import logs to see if the account has been imported OK, or look under View User Profile and see if the profile is up to date.

If everything is OK in the Profiles in the Shared Services Provider, then you can try forcing the My Settings link to pick up the imported data.

If you are controlling access to a SharePoint site by Active Directory group membership then you will probably have AD groups set up as members of your SharePoint groups (e.g. visitors, members, etc.).  This is generally a good idea, because it’s a maintenance and security problem if you add individual user accounts  into SharePoint groups, and it certainly doesn’t scale well for large deployments.  However, if the My Settings screen is not picking up data imported into the user profile properly for a particular individual, then you can force the new data in by adding that individual’s AD account into the SharePoint visitors group on the site.  So for example in your Team Site Visitors group you might have an AD group called something like  MOSS Team Site Visitors and normally you control access to the site by adding/removing accounts from that AD group.  If someone called, say, Julia Smith can’t get her My Settings to show up correctly, you add Julia Smith as a new user to the Team Site Visitors SharePoint group via the People and Groups site setting. Then you ask Julia to close down the browser and open it again, and browse to the site.  Hopefully that will refresh her My Settings screen.  After that you can take her account out of the Team Site Visitors group – she’ll still be able to reach the site because she’s in the AD group MOSS Team Site Visitors.

This also works if someone changes their name (they get married for example).  In this case the problem is you change their name in AD, but when they look at a SharePont site, in the “Welcome” message their previous name is still showing.  Do the same procedure and it should pick up their new name.


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