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January 13, 2010

Unrecognized HTTP response error on search crawl log

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I recently created a web application using SSL and a wildcard certificate on the server.  After some debate with our network people we established that we needed a separate IP address for each web application.  I did the same for My Sites, creating a separate web app and attaching this to the SSP as the MySite provider using SSL, again with its own IP.  Everything went pretty well once I got my head around the new IIS GUI with IIS  7. 

The only problem I had was once I tried getting the search to crawl the new sites.  I was getting errors in the application event log:

Source: Office Server Search
Event ID:      2436
Description:  The start address <https://mywebapp&gt; cannot be crawled.
Details:   An unrecognized HTTP response was received when attempting to crawl this item. Verify whether the item can be accessed using your browser.   (0x80041204)

I first tried going into the Search Administration in the SSP in Central Admin, and going to the Proxy and Timeouts screen, and putting in the IP address and port of our proxy server in the Proxy Server Settings section. But that didn’t resolve it, so I removed the proxy settings and instead checked the box at the bottom of the screen (Ignore SSL certificate name warnings):

Proxy and Timeouts

This has resolved the error for now, although I need to find out why the crawler is being blocked unless I set it to ignore certificate warnings – might be because we’re using wildcard certificates?


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  1. There are more search log errors covered here:

    Comment by Lars Nielsen — April 17, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

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