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June 1, 2010

Regional Settings and date formats on Central Administration

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A simple quick tip on how to change the date format and other regional settings for the Central Administration.

Looking through the solutions store in Central Administration I noticed that the dates were showing up in US format.  Normally when you see that on a SharePoint site, and you’re located east of the Atlantic Ocean as I am, you rush over to “Site Settings” and click on Regional Settings to reset the site to UK time zone, which then picks up the other elements of the UK locale.

If you look on the Site Settings page of Central Administration, there’s no link for Regional Settings.  So I did what you often have to do in SharePoint: grab the page anyway even if there’s no link to it.  I went to the Regional Settings page on another site, took the part of URL starting with “_layouts/”  and pasted that onto the URL of the Central Administration.  This gave me a URL like this:


I clicked the Go button and magically, the “missing” screen appeared and I could change the settings to match the UK locale.



  1. How can you change the date format for all sites that already exist in my SharePoint environment? Is there a central configuration setting where this can be changed from american to uk date format?

    Comment by Kuz Man — October 13, 2010 @ 11:34 am

  2. You’d have to use SharePoint code to do that. Or (if you enjoy suffering!) PowerShell.

    Here’s a page that gives you a starting point:

    In this case they’re creating a new web site in the site collection and setting the locale to Japan but you can switch it to be “en-gb” to set it to the UK. To run this on every existing site in a site collection or web application you’d need to wrap that code inside something that spiders through all the sites. I need to write a wrapper feature/app to do this some time, as I often find myself having to repeat standard changes retrospectively across all existing sites. I’ll post up the code here when I get round to it, could be v. useful.

    Comment by Lars Nielsen — October 27, 2010 @ 9:56 am

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