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July 15, 2010

Fixing a My Site Search link

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Looking at my “My Site”  recently I tried the link “Find all documents by …” in the Documents web part on the front page:

My Site Documents web part

Clicking on this link sent me off to the URL of an old test web application which I had deleted.  The browser popped up the familiar IE error message:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Since I had no documents or anything of importance in my My Site, I thought maybe I should delete it and recreate it.  Your SharePoint My Site is a site collection with you as the site collection administrator.  So in theory (so I thought) you can delete the site collection from the Central Administration just like any other site collection.  I went to Central Admin, Application Tab, Delete Site Collection, and then selected my personal My Site and deleted it.  No problem, so it seemed. 

However I then tried to create a new My Site for myself by clicking on the “My Site” link.   The URL showed up OK in the browser as http://mysite/personal/<my username> but in the browser I got a “Connection: Closed” error page.  Looking at these instructions on how to delete a my site I realised I needed to edit my user profile.  I went to my profile page and removed the text in the “Personal Site” field, saved the changes and then tried recreating my My Site again, and it worked.

So I had recreated my My Site, but that  “Find all documents by …” link was still pointing to the old deleted web application.  I resolved this by following these steps:

  • Go to the Central Admin site
  • Click on the Shared Services Provider that is providing your My Site
  • Click on the My Site Settings link
  • On the My Site Settings page look at what’s in the Preferred Search Center link
  • This is the URL used by the “Find all documents by…” link, so change it to the URL or a search center site that can be used to pull out documents base on the user name.  For example it might be the URL of your main Intranet Search Center site.
  • Save the change.
  • Look at your My Site again and now you should get some sensible results when you click on the link Find all documents by…

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