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April 15, 2011

Crawl log errors and resolutions in Search

Filed under: Search,SharePoint,Troubleshooting — Lars Nielsen @ 9:58 pm

I was recently going through the crawl log and fixing errors – here are some of the error messages in the crawl log, and resolutions:

Error in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Protocol Handler

This was an attempt to crawl a non-existent ASPX page.  Click on the link and you get a 404 error.  I’m not sure why it’s trying to crawl a deleted page.  Perhaps a broken link somewhere?

The crawler could not communicate with the server. Check that the server is available and that the firewall access is configured correctly

This was  at attempt to crawl a broken ASPX page – in this case a view of a calendar that gave a .NET error when you click on the link in the crawl log.  The resolution is to delete the ASPX view page from the list using SharePoint designer.

The parameter is incorrect

The crawler was trying to index a Word 2007 Template File (.dotx) instead of a regular Word .docx file.

Error in the Site Data Web Service

The target site was present (you can open it in SharePoint Designer) but its welcome page was pointing to a non-existent page so you could not browse to it.  Resolution is to go to the Site Settings page directly by appending “/_layouts/settings.aspx” onto the end of the site root URL, e.g. “http://mydomain/site/subsite/_layouts/settings.aspx” and click on “Welcome Page” and reset the welcome page to point to a real page so that you can browse to the site.

Finally, I had a problem that the crawler was crawling content OK.  I could find documents and pages by their URL in the crawl log, and the log said that they had been crawled successfully.  But when you searched for the items by keyword in the search box, no results were returned.   The problem seemed to be that the index not updating properly.  I used the Reset All Crawled Content page in Search Administration in Central Administration, followed by a full crawl, and everything was OK.


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