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November 19, 2009

Hello world!

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This is my very first post on Lars Nielsen’s Discoveries blog.  After much procrastination, and losing count of how many times I said to myself (or anyone else who would listen) “I must start a blog”, finally, finally I’ve got round to it!  I’m excited to be entering the world of the blogosphere!

I’ll be blogging on my work with SharePoint, .NET, software development, and the odd other random post if something comes up.  As much as anything, it’s a knowledge base for me, but hopefully there’ll be some useful stuff for the rest of the world.   I’ve made so much use of the wonderful resources that the rest of the SharePoint community have put together in blogs I thought it’s really high time I start giving something back.

Well that’s what I hope to achieve – we’ll see how it works out!  I’ll put up some info about myself in my “About” page at some point soon.  But for now, on with the show…


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